Girthing Options

GP models are fitted with three billets, with the third being moveable. This changeable girthing arrangement allows saddle stability to be optimised instantly.

Girthing Neutral PositionBegin by girthing in the neutral position using the second and third billet.
(NOTE: This is the same as girthing on the first and third billets on a saddle with a conventional girthing system)

Girthing saddle move forwardIf you find the saddle slips forward, you can use the point (front) strap and the third strap

Girthing saddle move backwardIf the back of the saddle lifts away from the horse’s back, move the third strap onto the floating balance position

Girthing DO NOTNEVER girth using the point strap and first strap. This causes saddle instability and potential discomfort for your horse.


Dressage models should also be girthed up in the neutral position by starting with the moveable billet attached behind the point.

Dressage Girthing Neutral Position

To increase the stability of the saddle you can move the billet onto the point.

Dressage Girthing Billet moved to point

For added security the point strap can then be locked in position by passing the billet through the loop at the bottom of the panel.

Dressage Girthing Point strap in locked position