Fits all shapes & sizes

Kent & Masters Saddles are made in Walsall, England and provide fitting solutions for even the trickiest conformation. They also specialize in accommodating riders of all different shapes and sizes. Every saddle is built on a tree with changeable gullet and there’s a wide range of features which can be adapted by your local saddle fitter to suit both you and your horse.

Ben Roberts, a registered qualified Society of Master Saddlers saddle fitter, provides guidance on choosing the right saddle.


Cob Mare

 I’ve got a new 15.1hh Traditional Cob mare - my old saddle is moving around and causing her discomfort. What kind of saddle should I look to buy?

Saddle stability is a major issue with the broad backed horse and that’s why we have developed the Kent & Masters Low Profile dressage saddle. The slimline panel design minimizes bulk between you and your horse. The gullet bar in the tree can be changed by the saddle fitter to suit the wider wither profile of your mare and there are a choice of three girthing arrangements built-in, so the appropriate one can be selected to suit your mare’s conformation and movement. The surface-mounted thigh block will also help you maintain your leg position.


Kent and Masters Cob GPI have just started competing my five year old Welsh Section D and am looking for an affordable saddle that can be used for hacking as well, but I’m on a limited budget. What’s the solution?

The Kent & Masters Cob General Purpose saddle is the answer here. It is designed specifically for Cob types with a low-headed flat tree, straighter cut flaps and slimline panels so there is no interference with the larger shoulder. The moveable knee rolls also allow you to adjust the support between your different stirrup lengths you use for hacking and dressage. Also, it’s extremely well priced at £795.


Dressage Billet to PointI’m having problems finding a saddle which doesn’t slip forwards on my Connemara – why is it so difficult to keep the saddle still on this breed, especially as I am short in the leg?

Connemaras are not always that wide but they are often quite round and active, so stopping the saddle moving forward can be tricky. The Kent & Masters S-Series dressage would be a good choice, as the appropriate gullet bar could be selected along with the built in point and balance strap girthing arrangement which would help “anchor” the saddle in position.


Kent and Masters S Series Dressage Moveable BlockMy six-year-old part-bred cob has successfully started competing and I would like to invest in a saddle designed specifically for dressage. However, I am a petite 5’2” and my mare is changing shape as she develops muscle and topline – what should I do?

The 16½” Kent & Masters dressage is scaled to suit the petite rider, offering the ideal seat and leg support to help you maintain a balance dressage position. This option is available with low profile panels and a range of wider gullet bars, so can be adjusted to suit your mare as she develops.


Kent and Masters Cover

I can’t find the right saddle for my ex-racehorse who is very slender with exceptionally high withers. What type of style would suit him best?

The Kent & Masters High Wither dressage saddle is designed to fit the specific requirements of the ex-racehorse. The panel has balanced, deep front and rear gussets to provide clearance of the wither and along the spine. One of the narrower gullet bars can be chosen to conform to his wither profile. This model is available with an under-flap or surface thigh block depending on your preference.



I’ve just taken up dressage with my retired showjumper. He’s a 16.1hh Irish sports horse with an average wither, but my old showjumping saddle is restricting his shoulder and it isn’t helping me maintain my position either. What do you recommend?

Changeable GulletThis type of conformation is very easy to fit and there are three standard fitting Kent & Masters dressage saddles you could chose from, all of which will allow your horse’s shoulder to move more freely and help you to sit in balance. These saddles can be quickly adjusted to fit his wither profile, so it’s just down to your budget and personal preference with regard to the type of thigh blocks you prefer.


This feature appeared in 2016 Issue 1 of British Dressage magazine.