Proven by PLIANCE - Horse Jumping 1.40m

Proven by PlianceThis is the first time the Pliance system has ever been used to test a saddle over a 1.40m high fence. The sensors on the mat had to be recalibrated to make it possible to record the pressures and forces involved in landing over a fence of this height. Kent & Masters used the testing to refine the design of the panel on the Jump saddle to significantly reduce the pressures exerted on the horse’s back during landing.

The three graphs on the right are synchronised with the jumping horse on the left. The blue graph at the top records the peak pressure, the green graph in the middle is the force and the red graph at the bottom shows the contact area. Interestingly, the maximum peak pressure is recorded as the horse’s body weight passes over the second landing leg.

Professionals’ feedback

"It was impressive to see how the panel design of the Kent & Masters Jump saddle reduced the peak pressure on landing over a 1.40m fence by 18% over alternative designs. This has long term positive implications on the comfort, performance and longevity of the sport horse"

- Mark Fisher of Woolcroft Saddlery - Registered, Qualified SMS Saddle Fitter