Proven by PLIANCE - Horse Cantering

Proven by PlianceNotice how symmetrical (left and right) the readings are both in terms of the number of sensors recording contact and the colour of the sensors recording pressure. The pattern is very balanced as the horse canters along, apart from the instant just before the centre when she throws her head up causing a momentary peak. This does not show a long-term pressure point, but is a good example of why it is necessary to base every result on three readings to ensure that a true view of a saddle’s performance is recorded.

The changing coloured squares in the left half of the screen show the live readings taken by the pressure sensor mat under the saddle as the horse canters between the markers. The moving blue graph at the top right, which is also synchronised with the video of the horse, shows the very highest pressure recorded at any given moment.

Professionals’ feedback

“During the biomechanical testing, I witnessed a 9 degree improvement in the shoulder flexion of the horse. This improvement will not only assist the horse in staying sound longer, but will help to improve its jumping performance.”

- Russell Guire BSc Hons - Centaur Biomechanics