S-Series Jump

S Series Jump

Built on a new tree with longer swept-back points to support the front of the panel and allow freer shoulder movement. Seat is shaped to enable the rider to dynamically adjust their centre of balance over the fence. Broad panels and girthing options maximise contact and saddle stability.


S-Series Compact GP

S Series Compact GP

Compared to our Original GP model, the Compact GP is compact for its size, has a neat seat, slimmer rear gussets and the tree is shorter and slightly flatter on the underside. This saddle is ideal for shorter backed, croup high or flat backed horses. It is a very good option for the petite rider on a large pony/small horse.


S-Series Pony Jump

Pony Jump

With high comfort forward cut flaps specifically designed to support the rider’s leg in the shorter jumping position.