Kent & Masters GP Saddles

Whatever type or shape of horse you have, Kent & Masters has a GP saddle to suit. We have models specially created for ponies, low wither conformations, flat back Cob types or a slender high-withered Thoroughbred. There are seat styles to suit all riders from the neat Compact GP to the wider, more open Universal GP.

Kent & Masters Headnails

Expertly made in England

Our skilled craftsmen are qualified Master Saddlers who use traditional saddle-making techniques to ensure each and every saddle is made with consistency, care, love and attention to detail.

Changeable gullet bar

A changeable gullet bar allows you or your saddle fitter to modify the width of the saddle’s gullet to suit the horse’s wither profile as the horse changes shape with either exercise, muscle development, maturity or rest.

Saddler at work

100% British wool flocking

The panels under every Kent & Masters saddle are filled with the finest wool, only from Jacob Sheep. Wool is a natural fibre and provides superior softness and comfort for the horse because it moulds and settles quickly, giving optimum panel contact with the horse’s back.

The Competition Series

The S-Series

The Original Series