The Kent & Masters Pony Club Saddle (and Pony Club Long Leg) offers the following FIVE girthing options to fine-tune the fit of your pony saddle.

Your saddle fitter will begin in the neutral position.

NOTE this is the same as girthing on the first and third billets on a saddle with a conventional girthing system

If the saddle slips forward the fitter has the option to use the point (first) strap and the third strap

If the saddle is still unstable, the point (first) strap can be locked by threading it through the loop on the sweat flap

If the problem is that the saddle lifts at the back, you can move the third strap to the floating balance ring

The fifth option is to girth on the point strap and the floating balance ring

NEVER girth using the point strap and the first strap. This will cause saddle instability and discomfort for your pony