Kent & Masters Short Girth

Leather girth for dressage or monoflap saddles

The patented design is contoured to avoid key pressure zones behind the elbows, increasing freedom of movement

  • Soft edge allows the muscles to move without restriction
  • A crucial internal support system ensures the contoured shape is not lost or does not become distorted due to stretching
  • Anti-slip insert for stability
  • Central strap attachment for the martingale or breastplate designed for zero sternum pressure
  • Slimline profile for reduced bulk
  • Short elastic inserts both ends
  • Made in England
Care Instructions

After use, remove all sweat and dirt from your girth with a damp cloth, and allow it to dry naturally before applying a feeder such as Rapide Leathergel

Apply leather treatment to your girth regularly to keep the leather in good condition, remembering to treat all surfaces. Apply more frequently if your girth receives heavy use, or is used in muddy or wet conditions.

Always allow leather to dry naturally, do not use external heat sources

Do NOT use spray soap, glycerine saddle soap OR any oil based soap on your Kent & Masters girth

Regularly check the condition of your girth to ensure the straps and elastic remain in good condition

Fitting information

Kent & Masters girths are measured in the standard way - buckle end to buckle end. 

  • Make sure you fit the girth with the curved section facing forward (towards the forelimbs).
Kent and Masters Short Girth Facing Front

Kent and Masters short girth facing front

Kent and Masters Long Girth Facing Front

Kent and Masters long girth facing front

  • Always girth up evenly on both sides.
  • When fitting the short girth, fit the longest length possible in order to get the buckles away from the pressure-sensitive area behind the elbows. Fit the girth’s top edge as close to the bottom edge of the saddlecloth as possible. As a general, on a dressage saddle for example, aim to have two billet holes between the top of the girth and bottom of the saddlecloth, on both sides, when fully tightened.
Girth fitting billet holes
girth fitting billet holes
  • Always thread the billet through the buckle before pulling the girth up. Do not use the leather keepers above the buckle to do the girth up - you will break them and this is NOT covered by the guarantee.
Do not use the leather keepers above the buckle to do the girth up
Do not use the leather keepers above the buckle to do the girth up

Do not use the leather keepers above the buckle to do the girth up

  • Don't pull the front leg forward after girthing up – this simply draws more skin forward into the area behind the elbow, increasing the risk of rubbing or girth galls.